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Sugar flowers or fresh flowers?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

What type of flowers should you have on your wedding cake?

It's a bit of a minefield isn't it? How do you know what to choose? There are so many options available so hopefully this will help you decide.

Sugar flowers – if you follow my page you will already know that this is my true passion and most favourite flower to use to decorate your cake. Each flower I make is hand made. Each petal is rolled out, cut and veined and put together to create a gorgeous realistic looking flower. You can have them in any colour to tie in with your wedding theme and they aren’t seasonal so you can have whatever you want whatever time of year you get married. Want to keep them afterwards? No problem. If you look after them there’s no reason why they won’t last for years to come. Sadly they don’t smell like the real thing though and they are going to add to the cost of your cake. Take a look at my sugar flower gallery for inspiration. If you have a colour you’d like me to try and match it’s always a good idea to bring it with you to the consultation.

Fresh flowers – If you want to match your bouquet perfectly then this is an option however most fresh flowers, unless they are from an organic supplier, are toxic. They can’t just be shoved into a cake so they must be taped, sometimes wired and put into posy picks before being inserted, this takes time so whoever your cake designer is will probably charge for this. Some types of fresh flower can’t even touch a cake as they are too poisonous – gypsophila, hydrangea, cala lily and tulips can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and skin irritation while fox glove and lily of the valley can cause seizures or even death! I once made a birthday cake for someone and they were going to add animals to it for their son. Little did I know that they also added left over bits of the Christmas tree and put it straight into the cake. Luckily no one became ill or choked on a pine needle but you really shouldn’t do this. Fresh flowers are also seasonal so you might not be able to have exactly what you want unless you import them which could push your price up. Bear in mind that fresh flowers will wilt once they have been cut and if it’s a very hot day.

Semi naked cake with fresh flowers

Silk flowers – I haven’t used many of these on my cakes but there’s no reason not to when they are so like the real thing. Hobbycraft, Amazon and Dunelm have such a huge range to choose from. You can use the flower heads in clear Perspex tiers and pop them back on the stems once your day is over to make a beautiful flower arrangement. I have some wedding cakes coming up this year where I am using a Perspex tier.

Dried flowers – if you’re into this boho trend you can get some stunning dried flowers to add the wow factor to your cake. I get mine from Etsy and there are so many to choose from. Be careful of those fly away seeds though, you don’t want your guests eating any if they have become stuck to the fondant or buttercream!

Thank you for reading and I hope it’s given an insight into the types of flowers you can have on your wedding cake

Message me now to discuss your wedding cake ideas and to check availability.

Peace, love and buttercream


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