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6 reasons why you or your family member shouldn’t bake your wedding cake

DIY weddings are a huge thing at the moment. I have seen some amazing transformations of barns and potato sheds that have just left me speechless. The hours and hours it must’ve taken and the vision of the couple is just out of this world. But there is one thing that is far better left to the professionals and that is your wedding cake.

Here are 6 reasons to put that whisk down and step away from your mixer.

1. It’s not just a cake

Ah that phrase "it's just a cake". Well, it's not, its your wedding cake! Now I’m not saying that Auntie Joyce isn’t an excellent baker or you don’t bake the best Victoria sponge known to man but there is a huge difference between baking to relax or for a nice treat on a Sunday afternoon to baking a wedding cake. Can you imagine how much work you need to do to increase that recipe to feed 120 guests? And then there's the decoration. Unless you're a skilled sugar florist you could end up with some floppy looking flowers!

2. You should be relaxing, not decorating

There is a 4 day rule when it comes to wedding cakes. You bake, you fill, ganache and cover, you decorate and you deliver on the fourth day so do you really want to be having a nightmare with your fondant and flowers or your chosen decorations the day before your wedding when you should be sipping prosecco with your besties and getting a good night’s sleep before the big day.

3. Stress

Wedding cakes are a stressful business. Who wants to be stacking a cake and decorating it with sugar flowers when you could be having your hair and makeup done with another glass of prosecco to get over that tiny little headache you might have from the night before? What happens when something goes wrong or you need to fix something and you don't have the right things with you? Us cake designers take a tool kit with us just for these little mishaps and you can guarantee no one will ever know anything needed fixing!

4. Support

Now I’m not talking about support from your family. I’m talking about the internal support of a wedding cake. You can’t just put one cake on top of another because it will collapse or slide or both and if you’re lucky enough that it doesn’t collapse it will definitely resemble the leaning tower of Pizza and that’s not a good look. Some cakes just can’t be the bottom tier because they have too much moisture so it’s not even about knowing that you have to use dowels, you need to know which cakes will support each other and what order they should go in.

5. Where are you going to store it?

If you’re getting married in a hotel, where are you going to store your cake the night before? If it’s a super hot day and you’ve got a buttercream cake you need to keep it refrigerated or that beautiful creation is going to melt! Buttercream doesn’t hold up well and if it’s outside in the sunshine you can bet you will end up with a big soggy mess.

6. Delivery

Ah delivery, quite possibly the most dreaded part of the process even for the pros. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with cake everywhere. I don’t stack my cakes until I get to the venue because I have the fear that if I’m driving a stacked cake something will happen. I am also a bit of a weakling and I can’t lift anything very heavy and some of my cakes weigh between 20-25kg+ once they are stacked. Don't even get me started on sugar flowers. Hearing the rattle of sugar just gives me the fear so I transport all of my flowers in their own boxes with plenty of padding.

So really what I'm saying is, sit back, relax and let us professionals handle it for you. It will be worth it and you'll have a stunning show stopper of a cake without any of the stress.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and if you're looking for a wedding cake designer please feel free to get in touch or have a read through some of my other blogs.

I am always happy to answer any questions so please don't hesitate to ask. You can email me on or get in touch here.

Peace, love and buttercream

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