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Slice of Inspiration: Where to Find Ideas for Your Dream Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is not just something to give your guests with tea and coffee after the wedding breakfast; it's a work of art that should reflect your personality, style and the theme of your special day. Finding the right inspiration for your wedding cake is a crucial part of the planning process. Whether you're going for a classic look or something more unique and creative, there are numerous places to help you discover ideas for your dream wedding cake. "But where?" I hear you ask, well lovely reader, read on...

Pinterest: Pinterest is just the most wonderful treasure trove of wedding cake inspiration. I have countless pictures of cakes that I love and wedding boards that I have uploaded my own images to. Why don't you create a dedicated wedding board and start pinning cakes that catch your eye. You'll find so many different cake ideas, from timeless and elegant to romantic and on trend.

Instagram: If you're an Instagram lover then search for wedding-related hashtags and profiles of cake designers. Instagram is a visual haven for creative cake artists who showcase their best work. Follow me and other wedding-related accounts to keep up with the latest trends and stunning cake designs. I can spend hours scrolling on Instagram so beware!

Wedding Magazines and Blogs: Wedding magazines such as Your Scottish Wedding and Tie the Knot Scotland as well as wedding blogs are great sources of inspiration. They feature real weddings and styled shoots with a focus on cakes, providing a wealth of ideas and trends. I was lucky enough to be asked on a styled shoot with Your Scottish Wedding magazine just recently and you can see the cake I made in their issue that's out now (January 2024).

Cake Designer Portfolios: The majority of my wedding cakes are on my website so you can explore my gallery from the comfort of your own home to see the kind of cake designs that I make.

Wedding Shows: I love a wedding show. It's a great place to meet newly engaged couples and get a chance to have a good old chat and find out exactly what you're looking for in a cake. I will always have at least five display cakes showcasing my work so you can see my sugar flowers up close and personal and see how real they look. You can also try some of the cake samples that I bring along.

Your Wedding Theme: The theme of your wedding can be a huge source of inspiration. Whether it's vintage, rustic, romantic, or classically timeless, your cake can tie in with the overall theme. Look for design elements within your theme that can be incorporated into your cake's design for example if you have tiny flowers on your dress we can put them on your wedding cake.

Floral Arrangements: The flowers you choose for your bouquet and your wedding decor can inspire the way your cake looks. I love recreating the flowers from your bouquet into sugar flowers to decorate your wedding cake with so make sure you bring a list of them to your cake design meeting.

Colour Palette: The colours you've chosen for your wedding can play a huge part in how we design your wedding cake. From marbled tiers to a cake in forest green, colour can be used in so many different ways. Bring swatches from your bridesmaid dresses or your invitations. I have a whole collection of colour cards so we can match your colours as closely as possible.

Working with Your Cake Designer: Once you've collected your ideas and inspiration, bring them with you to your cake design consultation. It will really help me bring your vision to life and I can suggest design elements that will work best for your wedding.

So if you're ready to save your date and start designing your wedding cake please get in touch with your wedding date, approximate number of guests and your venue and let's get you booked in.

Peace, love and buttercream


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