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The Allure of Scottish Nuptials: Why Americans Love to Get Married in Scotland

When it comes to destination weddings, Scotland has become an increasingly popular choice for Americans looking to tie the knot in a unique and enchanting setting. From its picturesque landscapes to its rich history and vibrant culture, Scotland offers a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

In 2023, I had the privilege of collaborating with several American couples who travelled from the United States to get married. Whether both partners were American or one of the pairs hailed from Scotland, they all opted to exchange vows in this beautiful country, renowned for its breath taking landscapes and numerous castles.

Conducting consultations from thousands of miles away posed its challenges, but by using Zoom and FaceTime it allowed us to craft exquisite cakes together.

Elizabeth and Andrew

Drawn by the Groom's passion for golf, Elizabeth and Andrew chose St. Andrews as their wedding destination and I met them while they were staying at the Old Course Hotel a year prior to their big day. They brought along their wedding planner Amos Gott of Amos Events, and I visited the hotel with my cake samples to discuss their ideas and preferences.

Their nuptials took place at Holy Trinity Church in St. Andrews with their evening reception, or cocktail hour as it's known in the States, being at The Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa.

Photographer: Leslee Mitchell

Another couple; Abbie and Erik came all the way from Texas for their wedding at Cambo Country House also in Fife. Abbie is originally from Scotland and wanted to get married at home. They asked me to create a flower I hadn't heard of called the Texan blue bonnet so after a Google search I found a tutorial and was able to make them this beautiful flower.

Three tier white wedding cake with Blue Bonnett sugar flowers and thistles

Cambo House also has a fabulous marquee with a stunning view out to sea and this is where Lucy and Will, another American couple had their wedding reception.

Of course, in Scotland we are spoilt with natural beauty and this is one of the most compelling reasons for Americans to choose Scotland as their wedding destination. Scotland boasts a diverse range of landscapes, from rugged mountains and tranquil lochs to rolling hills and historic castles. The Scottish Highlands, in particular, with their dramatic vistas and untamed wilderness, provide a romantic and awe-inspiring setting for exchanging vows. Couples can choose from a variety of locations, each more picturesque than the last, ensuring that their special day is framed by Scotland's stunning scenery.


We are also incredibly lucky to have a plethora of enchanting castles, which are steeped in history and make for fairy-tale wedding venues. Many Americans are captivated by the idea of saying "I do" in a centuries-old castle, complete with turrets, moats, and grand ballrooms. Some of the most popular castle wedding venues in Scotland include Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, and Eilean Donan Castle. These historic sites add a touch of magic and grandeur to any wedding celebration. A little closer to Dundee we have Fingask Castle, Mains Castle and Glamis Castle and I have had the pleasure of delivering wedding cakes to these castles.


Scotland is world-famous for its whisky, and many American couples appreciate the opportunity to incorporate this cherished Scottish spirit into their wedding celebrations. From whisky tastings to personalised bottles as wedding favours, Scotland offers countless ways to indulge in its liquid gold. Scottish hospitality is renowned for its warmth and friendliness, ensuring that couples and their guests feel welcome and cherished throughout their stay.

If you are getting married in Scotland and would like a wedding cake then please get in touch by clicking HERE.

Peace, love and buttercream

Signature Scottish wedding cake maker

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