Cake samples


Classic vanilla 

This classic vanilla sponge cake is filled with deliciously creamy vanilla buttercream. Team it with strawberry or raspberry preserve.

Chocolate Cake

One for the chocolate lovers. Beautiful chocolate sponge filled with seriously chocolatey buttercream or classic vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate Mud Cake

This is my favourite. If you love chocolate brownies then this is one for you. Deliciously rich and very moreish.

Carrot Cake

Super moist and made with freshly grated carrots (obviously). Fill this cake with zesty orange buttercream or classic vanilla buttercream.  As this cake is so moist it can only be used as a top tier or middle tier.

Sticky Toffee 

Another moist cake made with chopped dates. It's just like a sticky toffee pudding and it's filled with butterscotch buttercream

or creamy vanilla buttercream.

Red Velvet 

Basically a chocolate cake coloured red but it's made with buttermilk so it's not quite as chocolatey. Team it with creamy vanilla buttercream.

Tangy Lemon 

This tangy lemon cake is made with fresh lemon zest and filled with delicious lemon curd and a zesty lemon buttercream, add some poppy seeds

for a bit of crunch.

White Chocolate and Raspberry

A delicious light white chocolate and fresh raspberry sponge filled with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry jam. (Extra cost applies)

Lemon and Elderflower

Made using fresh lemon zest and a dash of elderflower cordial. Once cooked the sponge is then drizzled in more cordial and filled with elderflower buttercream for a soft and subtle flavour.

Fruit Cake

Baked well in advance and fed regularly with brandy this cake is a

hit with the traditionalist. Slightly more expensive than a sponge cake as there are more ingredients.

Allergies and special diets

I don't cater for nut, egg or dairy allergies due to health and safety risks.  All cakes contain gluten. While I don't use nuts in my recipes I can not guarantee that my ingredients haven't come from a factory that produces nuts.

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